The Final Task – New Version 0.6 [Pixil]

Info: Sophia has been growing increasingly frustated with Aiden’s tasks. She has decided she will no longer put up with it…..​

Date: 22.01.2024
Language: English
Version: 0.6
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

The Final Task v0.6

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9 responses to “The Final Task – New Version 0.6 [Pixil]”

  1. DevingeL says:

    Wanna see also a fan made part when Ivan wants from Sophie to buy and show him lingerie for his wife where it could lead some cheating sexstory… also interacial story with school Janitor maybe second time showering at school could lead to some wild scene

    • Cas says:

      What i would like to see is people stop asking for interracial garbage, but we don’t always get what we want.

      • Traitor45 says:


        • Cas says:

          No preference and a healthy one cuck.

        • rufruf says:

          Actually fapping on caucasian race as black is making you racist. Did u not fathom that?

        • Derpa Derp says:

          I prefer my own race. It doesn’t make someone a racist. I am discriminating. It means I omit that which is not suitable to my choice. I also prefer Asian over black because Asians are beautiful , peaceful , and friendly. Not violent cry-baby bullies like blacks. But playing the race card victim and trying to make someone feel guilt is so weak. Come up with something better. Besides, everyone knows blacks are the most racist. They hate Whites and Asians, but want to live in their communities, look and dress like them, want their social status – and still hate them with violent attacks. No logical reason what so ever.
          Even the liberal anti-racism movement is so boring and annoying. Get a life, get a job as well.

        • tko says:

          It’s only racist if someone doesn’t want black. But if a black doesn’t want White or Asian, then it’s not racist and acceptable, right?
          You should watch an interview video of Muhammoud Ali (Cassius Clay), a champion boxer, a black man, who stated he is against race mixing. He didn’t believe “it was right, ‘kids looking all weird ‘[not in verbatum]…”. Culture and behaviour is integral to one’s race and identity … Ali’s point of view is interesting. I agree with it.
          But he is black, so is he a racist too? I am sure you would say not because he is black. Then by conditional logic that makes you a racist with black privilege.
          Only blacks can be racist towards other races and not be a form of racism, right?
          Blacks get immunity from racist views, complete exclusion ?
          Blacks get inclusion in every facet of society, if not, then it’s racist?

          Dude, fuck off. You will get crushed every time and the world will still go on.

        • bingo says:

          nobody cares. calling someone racist is a weak attempt at pushing inclusion because your snowflake feelings were hurt

  2. Ghn says:

    Please update this game with Android apk v0.6

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