Twisted Memories – New Version 0.8 [BaiBai]

Info: Twisted Memories is a game about an ugly bastard that travels back in time and turns into his teenage self.
What will an ordinary looking teenager with the mind of a perverted old man be able to do?
How many of the woman from his past will he be able to corrupt?
Will he build the harem he always dreamed about, or will he maybe find the true love he was always missing in his life?
The choice is yours.​

Date: 25.02.2024
Language: English
Version: 0.8
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

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11 responses to “Twisted Memories – New Version 0.8 [BaiBai]”

  1. James says:

    Very nice game. Thanks creators.

  2. Ame says:

    Nice. Update please. Thanks

  3. rufruf says:

    Hey, i had no idea, but this is actually some superb writing.
    It even raises some very interesting questions.
    Start is bit weird but its ok as write simply tries to put u in a correct “mood”.

    Do give it a go, really good stuff

    • rufruf says:

      After reading a bit , this is some superior quality shit writing!
      Damn what a story!

      A small remark tho:
      Just reached day 3 and Steph scene. And dev put a lot of inner monologue in that scene. “MC” thoughts. And as much as it is good in this case its counterproductive , i cant concentrate on reading all that while blood is fully in a different place..if you know what i mean..
      Just tiny it down, during those scenes, nice neat compacted msg’s , dont go overboard.
      -Maybe it will get better later ..

  4. James says:

    Android version please. Thanks

  5. Deno says:

    Update please..

  6. Buttermilk says:

    Wow an Isekai! Try it guys.

  7. rufruf says:

    Update is out

  8. Honestly, I don’t know much English, so in many parts I had to use a translator xd
    But, the story easily catches you and develops many conflicts that the character had.
    An example is the conversation he has with the mother almost at the beginning, it is quite moving and heartbreaking, to the point of crying.
    20/10 and god.
    PS: you come looking for porn and you find cinematic gems

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