Fractured Realms – New Version 0.3.0 [Virt Studios]

Info: There is not one but many realms making up the tangled web of creation. These realms have existed in isolation since the dawn of time, each governed by individual deities, spirits, and laws driving the cycles to their whims. As the eons passed the deities gradually abandoned their given realms allowing the vale between to weaken.
When the fabric of reality finally fades, the deities, friends, and foes alike will make themselves and their desires known to the next generation of ascended.
Deep in the Earthen realm, a young man suffers yet another tragedy in his short existence and is forced to return to a place he once called home. As he attempts to settle into a life of peace surrounded by new and old friends alike the mysteries surrounding his uncle’s wealth and recent passing will lead to things he could have never imagined.

Date: 17.03.2024
Language: English
Version: 0.3
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

Total Content: Episodes 1-3
Renders: 3,705
Dialogue: 41,464

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9 responses to “Fractured Realms – New Version 0.3.0 [Virt Studios]”

  1. Reaper says:

    Really good start! Good story, good renders could be a little better but for a start it is really good. If the Dev reads this, please add a transparency for dialogue box it gets in the way of enjoying the game and refine the images a little more but other then that really good start keep it up, hope to see more soon

  2. w van schaik says:

    Looks good,girls are to eager to jump his dick except the caretaker who is the hottest,don’t care much for the harem BS,but everyone has his own preference i guess.

  3. Cas says:

    If you’re in to BS fantasy go for it, but i’m not. MC just looks at a girl and they want to fuck him, don’t know where the dev sees the seduction, i’m sure it’s not spreading the legs in the first minute. I stopped when the question came if you wanted to get serious with the fox like girl, not in to bestiality.

  4. Nahhh says:

    I’m not into the fantasy shit so without that the rest of the story is your typical cliche, the girl’s are basically saying hey my legs are open the only positive thing was it had choices

    • Reaper says:

      LMAO, did the 2 of you even play the game? I can say no cause you know fuck all about the actual game just talking BS. So you don’t like fantasy? isn’t that what VN’s are in reality? Or do you see some of the stuff in these games in RL? And seriously complaining about girls being easy like you are not playing an adult novel meant to be about sex but you see this Dev at least trying to give you a choice which most don’t and I really don’t see why you are saying the girls are jumping on him when the 1st sex scene was in the 2nd update and with someone he already had a relationship with before. Seriously grow up and stop acting like idiots just complaining for the sake of it. Give reasons why the game is bad not only your personal preferences, juts like I hate NTR but I don’t only trash a game based on it.

      • Cas says:

        Like or not liking a game is always about personal preferences, i don’t like the stupid story line, how easy the girls are just like whores and that is mine opinion, you like it that’s your opinion, i can live with that. A game can look good, but with a stupid story it’s still crap, doesn’t matter how you bend it.

        • Reaper says:

          Sorry but are you being serious? Or are you really that dumb?
          If you dislike fantasy then why are you even playing it or did “Fractured Realms” or the “Overview” not tell you it is going to be fantasy? No body cares what your or my personal preferences are, they want to know if a game is good or bad, and why the game is good or bad, not you whining about it being fantasy. The other things you said are BS and I called you out on it but I see you just ignored it and repeated the same BS. You complain here the girls are easy but complain about another game being boring without any sex, make your mind up already. You say stupid story, why? Cause the Dev has an actual story? The Dev gave actual choices? The game is not hi lets bang? I have not seen the girls in this game act like whores yet but maybe we both have different understandings of that word.
          Lets be honest here, you have weird tastes and it show by the games you play and complain about and the games you praise. The games you praise have no story, and I mean none, the girls sleep with anything that has a dick and there is even NTR in them (but you call this game full of whores, lol). Stop lying and admit you are mentally challenged, better yet go get some help for it maybe then you will stop acting like a confused retard who does not even know what a story is.

          • Cas says:

            Really, and that comes from someone who cries every time when others dislike the games he likes. The first thing i look for in a game is a good story, and not this far fetch fantasy shit, what you call a story, talking about weird taste. And some NTR games are well made, were you got actually a choice, just not all of them NTR crusader. I know your brain explodes when you see NTR in the tags, i don’t have that problem, as long it’s well done. And in the games you like the girl jumps on the guys dick without a reason, or cheat in your harem games, what you don’t see as NTR apparently. So take your hypocrisy somewhere else retard. I give my opinion about games, if you like it or not, and i really don’t care about your approval, so piss against another wall.

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