Slaves of Rome – New Version 20.3 [Biggus Dickus Games]

Roman empire.. 20 A.D… very hard times. NO! Not for you! For the slaves! You are a damn Roman! You can do whatever you like. YOU are a god among men! And… men (and women) are here for one reason only. To serve you and other Romans.
It’s not all fun and games however. For decades, your family was bringing the best slaves in the republic. You are mostly known for your ability and knowledge in training the most hard, stubborn northern women and bending them to the will of the empire! However, with the last war, money ran out. Now that victory has been achieved on the northern boarders, slaves are pouring in again and you… you know just what to do with them. It’s time to fill your purse (and your dungeons) with new toys. And YOU, my noble master.. you know just how to do that.

Date: 25.03.2024
Language: English, Japanese
Version: 0.20.3
Censored: No

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "SlavesofRome.exe" to start playing.

v2.0.3 / v20.3
– Upgraded hairstyles
– Improved Character Creator
– Animation and sequences
– Updated Idle animations
– Fixed idle male genitalia (no more weird bendy dick)
– Fixed a few issues with sequences on Mars
– Fixed visual bugs in sequences
– General improvements and polishing in several animations
Performance and misc
– Significant performance improvements
– Improved lighting
– Improved shadow handling
– Improved the scalability of graphic settings.
– Updated GodSeeker dress
– Expanded Citizen VO
– Improved quest notification behavior
– UI improvements and handling of widgets
– Fixed a UI issue with the punishment selection
– Custom Slaves will have available only their adjustable morphs
– Minimap will correctly report actors
– Fixed an issue where Ting would load the wrong dialogue after gathering clues in Verona
– Fixed an issue where you could interact with Caesar before the cleaning minigame begins
– Improved slave pathing during mission on Verona
– Fixed an issue where the dialogue option for retaking Cupid Arrows would not activate
– Fixed an issue where Potum Deorum achievement would not complete when completing Romilious’ quest.
– Key mappings will now properly save in user settings
– Fixed an issue where the trader would allow the player to buy, even without enough denari
– Fixed an issue when punishing marks would not properly register
– Fixed an issue where you could buy the dungeon skin preview
– Improved the interaction with unplugging and picking up cupid arrows
– Improved crosshair targeting on the floor for pickups
– Fixed collisions where the character would spawn
– Fixed missplaced assets, and fuck locations
– Fixed gamepad not rotating the camera
– Fixed camera not rotating with gamepad in sex scene
– Fixed an issue where you couldn’t change poses on Pillory with Gamepad
– Decreased sensitivity of aiming with gamepad during Archery
– Fixed supplies vendor not showing gamepad icon for “Buy” button
– Fixed fuck tutorial window asking to press “Space”
– Fixed being able to press disabled interaction buttons with gamepad
– Fixed punish tutorial window asking to press keyboard “E”
– Fixed “hide HUD” and “clothes visibility” react only on keyboard
– Fixed losing gamepad input in the skills menu after tutorial window
– Fixed being able to press “Talk” and “Skills” from sell tab
– Fixed slave button becoming disabled when pressing Sell and No

Download links
Download for Windows Download from Qiwi Download from Mega Download from Racaty Download from Aupfile

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