Life in Rio – New Version 0.45 [Black Ninja]

Info: The game is a choice-based visual novel, set in the city of Rio de Janeiro, where you play as Elza. Elza is 20 years old, she is an innocent woman and was indoctrinated since she was little to stay away from impure acts, since she was little she was indoctrinated in the church that she should only have these acts after marriage, but something happened in her life that would end up putting her in this world of carnal acts, in which she has no experience. Do you choose, will you resist all impure acts or will you allow yourself to be corrupted? The choice is out of your hands.​

Date: 11.04.2024
Language: English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Version: 0.45
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

This is the most difficult update, and perhaps the most complicated one I’ve done to date, I had to overhaul all the game’s code, change all the skins and add sounds throughout the game, all of this to show the determination I have my own game.
New Skins and Facial expressions:
This was the main change, my intention was to implement facial expressions, however, to do that I needed to create new skins, and I did this for all the characters in the game. Each character in the game has at least 4 different skins for expressions in each type of clothing they wear, where they appear happy, sad, normal or horny, some even have more than four expressions, such as Elza.
Sounds during dialogue:
The game already had some background music, but now in addition to the background music it already had, you will hear sounds of cars and people talking when you are on the street, of objects, such as gates opening and closing, and best of all, the Sex scenes now have sounds, you’ll hear Elza moaning, sucking, fucking, screaming in pain… What was already good was perfect.
That’s right, I implemented a gallery in the game, however, it’s not for watching replays of the sex scenes, I’m still a bit of a novice at this, that’s why I implemented conceptual arts. In the future I will improve this gallery more.
New main menu:
That’s right, the menu is now more pleasant, it’s something completely different from that other old menu, this time the camera is filmed from the bottom up, showing the protagonist in a beautiful close-up, with a panoramic image giving more dynamism. This menu is completely wonderful.

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2 responses to “Life in Rio – New Version 0.45 [Black Ninja]”

  1. Cas says:

    What a piece of garbage.

  2. Harbor Joe says:

    I wasted 1 minute fast-forwarding all that mess without one sex scene. No one is going to support that garbage.

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