The trip of a lifetime – New Version 0.3 [Darkside_games]

Info: You are a 20 year old boy living with your mother and two sisters, your father left home when you were little but you were never told the story until now when your mother tells you the secret behind your father’s departure.​

Date: 02.05.2024
Language: English, Spanish
Version: 0.3
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

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16 responses to “The trip of a lifetime – New Version 0.3 [Darkside_games]”

  1. Ninja92 says:

    Please don`t update this game just bin it

  2. Nahhh says:

    I can already tell what a fucking pussy this Mc is, he just keeps staring at the girls like a fucking idiot giving everything away, and I bet it ain’t gonna have no choices that affect the story and if it does have choices its gonna be one of does idiot ones that leads you to the same path.
    Oh and the images don’t match the story

  3. Cas says:

    MC looks like one off the girls.

  4. Cas says:

    I gave it a try, but dev i don’t know what kind off sick puppy you are, i grew up with three older sisters and my mother was good looking too, just like my sisters. I never saw them as woman i liked to fuck, it never even crossed my mind. Only perverts and rapist think that way, you must have a serious problem in your head, deleted this crap and i gave it 0 stars.

    • Reaper says:

      Sorry to break it to you but what you call bullshit actually happens and if you do some research you will find out real quick that incest is a real thing and people do indeed fall for family members they just keep it quite cause of society and laws. What you call sick is based on what society has deemed sick and like good little sheep people followed along. History and even religious texts even has it but it took a turn a some point and people decided it is wrong and sick. Just like gay’s ancient Rome was full of gay men and women and no batted an eye cause it was normal but now it is sick and wrong cause some man decided it is so everyone follows. Now what is wrong is forcing yourself on someone family or not and lets be honest here you can write a book about rape and how to do it or a true story and people will not say a word but write a fictional book about incest and people lose their minds. Just look at here every game with incest has to be patched cause they will get banned by pateron or other sites but write about rape and it is 100% ok. I for 1 don’t give a shit what society thinks cause they are all a bunch of hypocrites who don’t know how to think for themselves or stand up for what is actually right. Take what you want from that but seriously check your facts before you condemn something just be cause you where thought it is wrong growing up.

      • Cas says:

        I would say have children with you’re mom or sister and see what inbreeding does, after that we talk again about right and wrong.

        • Anon says:

          Now there are medicines and surgical operations which can solve most problems created from inbreeding though…

        • rufruf says:

          Cas dumbstruck as always.
          Let me reveal a universal truth to you about incest games.
          In most of the time it absolutely has nothing to do with actual incest!
          It has everything to do with intimacy!
          Family connection in fantasy games creates intimacy connection in brain. Its completely natural reaction.
          I for one , never thought of heaving sex with real life family members. But in fantasy? Absolutely fucking yes.
          Its ALL about chemistry in brain that incest creates!

          Now if you cannot fathom that. Kindly go fuck your self and stop shitposting.

          • Cas says:

            Incest is not intimacy sick fuck. And having a fantasy about your family is not a naturel reaction, it’s fooling yourself in to thinking that you don’t need help. So kindly go fuck yourself retard, or ask daddy to stop that shit, it’s messing with your brain.

          • rufruf says:

            See, thats what happens when u didnt even finish elementary school. Ur brains stops growing up.
            Everyone told you , but u are pushing oposite.
            BTW. I met your 3 older SISTERS. I was surprised that they are MAN.
            And they told me that they have small bro, which is so shy that he hides the fact that he loves to lie underneath them and with open mouth lick all the cum that drops while they are fucking each other.
            Man You should have finished that school. Drop cock sucking man. Grow up

          • rufruf says:

            Cas uneducated gnome.
            Intimacy is not sex! But u dont know that. Friendship is also intimacy.
            Educate your self shithead.

          • Cas says:

            Maybe you should come out of your basement fat fuck, or go to the strip to get laid. Everything is better than bore us with your retarded comments. You don’t have the high ground on this site, you’re just some stupid idiot that has to come here, because no one wants to talk to you. Here you can act like you are something, yeah some idiot with your tiny dick in your hand. Try this for a change, respect others opinion and don’t be offended when they are not the same as yours.

      • Anon says:

        Damn, Solid Argument mate

  5. peter says:

    No mate..theres very valid scientific reasons why we dont fuck family..just study royal bloodlines down thru the ages..inbreeding is NEVER a good thing. as for medicines to solve these things, they only help miserably afflicted souls/children who are the victims of this crap. bone defects, blood disorders hemaphilia. cleft lips skull defects. club feet albinism, I need to go on?? nothing good man…nothing good. incest is a fetish and most fetishes are best left in your head.

  6. Loli crusade says:

    Hiya just fuck your family and not make them pregnant lol it’s not that hard it’s called sex family sex is fine.
    Yeah me fucking a stranger is fine.
    I still don’t want them pregnant.

  7. NotAMotherFucker says:

    The fuck is going on above me?

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