Milfy Cases: Damsels in Distress – Version 0.017 – Added Android Port [Big Chungus Productions]

Info: A recent college graduate, Chad (name customizable) landed a sweet job chronicling the local ecology next to a modern cabin on the lake. Then one stormy night, a fateful meeting changed everything. When Chad awoke, he was laying in a field, not far from his Landlady’s house. Meeting with her is a local detective, investigating the tragedy that not only destroyed MC’s rental, but everything he owned. Luckily, the attractive detective Jenny isn’t pursing Chad as a suspect, and even better, Mary (name customizable) graciously allows MC to continue his rental agreement by taking a spare bedroom in her house …

Date: 12.05.2024
Language: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, Russian
Version: 0.017
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

About six thousand words of new story, including the revamped prologue, editorial changes throughout, and of course, the latest chapter.
250+ images, including a few animations
90+ new audio files…yes, that’s right, there’s the most audio I’ve ever added to a single update, since I went and retooled everything from the very beginning. I believe this makes it far more immersive, but you tell me.
Last but not least, spelling, grammar, and other fixes from the beginning, which were more than a few, and an image or two that wasn’t right, etc.

Download links
Download for Windows Download from Qiwi Download from Mega Download from Racaty Download from Aupfile Download from Uploadhaven
Download for MAC Download from Mega Download from Racaty Download from Aupfile
Download for Android Download from Qiwi Download from TeraBox Download from Mixdrop Download from Apkadmin Download from Aupfile

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13 responses to “Milfy Cases: Damsels in Distress – Version 0.017 – Added Android Port [Big Chungus Productions]”

  1. w van schaik says:

    Writing a good and understanding story isn’t the dev strongest point .

  2. Capt.Daddy says:

    Yea the writing is extremely confusing, doesn’t make sense at points,especially when you catch the cop girl stealing your money! you just wimp out ??? weak ass mc…..I wonder if we can create a “Pussy MC’ tag lmao

    • Reaper says:

      Please don’t give them any more ideas on how to milk the closet gay’s, wait my bad I mean NTR and cuckold fans,,,,, yeah that’s right have to watch out some sensitive people around but yeah don’t help the milking Dev’s with more ways to milk them and give even more shitty games

      • peter says:

        yeah agree…choices should be included that way you can either let your MC be a cuck or not..I for one never play if there is no way I can stop the girl from cucking the MC

  3. Lilkiki says:

    I’m confused there picture is same to project myriam

  4. Anonymous says:

    Need to remove the Family Sex, Brother-Sister, and Mother-Son tags. All characters are Landlady, other Roommate and Younger Roommate with no way to change without extensive modifications as they are thoroughly hard-coded into the rpy scripts.

  5. peter says:

    guys your being way too hard on some of these devs..anyone ever done one of these games knows how much effort goes into it…HOWEVER…my belief is that NTR games should be written with choices so that you can choose to let it go or stop it, I play NTR Games but if they have no way of me influelcing the MC or the game then I stop straight away. Having choices for that kinda stuff ensures you will get more readers…common sense really.

    • Reaper says:

      So you think people are being to hard on the Dev’s? Well I think they are being to soft cause more and more Dev’s are showing up with utter trash and are not even updating often or finishing games. Look at how many FMC games there are that are don’t even have lesbian content and how many of them have been around for years with empty promises and people still download it, and get scammed. So sorry but any Dev that does not give you an option and forces you into closet gay fake fetishes are just scam artists and nothing more.

      • peter says:

        well its only my opinion. what I meant was the actual coding of the game…its takes a lot of time etc, Ive tried it myself. Asd for personal choices well thats up to you and the rest. I try not to bag others for their point of view just whether or not I like the game…at the end of the day they are free and if we dont like we can just go to another…take care guys.

  6. Kodomo says:

    Very good, still waiting for the next update

  7. Pol says:

    Qiwy servers are AMAZING!!!!!!

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