Wizard School Exchange Student – New Version 0.7 [Bluewitchgames]

Info: Play as an exchange student from a foreign land that has come to Scotland to study at the prestigious Hogwarts. As one of only three exchange students accepted at this year, and with a past that has seemingly been intentionally obfuscated, the corridors are already buzzing with debates about this new boy and just who he might be.
As a student, you’re expected to fulfil your student’s duties. Go to classes, revise with your friends, and pass exams. Make friends and enemies. And, perhaps most importantly, enjoy all of Hogwart’s balls and parties.​

Date: 26.05.2024
Language: English
Version: 0.7
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

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v0.7 Hotfix
Right, should at long last be the final version. Unless I made another major oversight, all the new content should be playable. I am going to sleep for a while but I’ll be back up to go through any last bugs that there may be.
Thanks for the patience on this one, phew. Was intended to only be a systems patch but ended up around the same size as the other content patches. This time around, things are split out a little more around the map. There are more slice-of-events that are unlocked as the game progresses now – some of them related to items, some of them just unlocked after specific event/days. It’s also pretty important that you are on the final stage of the Newspaper quest (the one that says to wait for new leads) before you go to ‘It Begins’.
The item and crafting system has been cleaned up, and there are now scenes that can be unlocked with new items. More coming very soon, including things to change player outfits, etc. One thing to be careful of, the ‘Thin Nightgown’ item in the game currently does NOT have a scene unlocked with it, but it’ll be remedied asap

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  1. Frnk82 says:

    Is there no way of turning off the fn earache inducing music if not this game is a bin job

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