Its not a world for Alyssa – New Version 1.2 [Partedes]

This novel is about the life of Alyssa, a girl who lives with her father and brother. She is too innocent and a good person to the world and the people around her. That is why she is going to have many “problems” and “difficult” situations that she is going to have to solve however she can.​

Date: 25.05.2024
Language: English, Spanish
Version: 1.2
Censored: No

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32 responses to “Its not a world for Alyssa – New Version 1.2 [Partedes]”

  1. w van schaik says:

    Interracial trash

  2. Alian says:

    Nice game keep giving regular updates

  3. Bad Boy says:

    What a nice game it is I really enjoy it, please update it soon.

  4. Reaper says:

    Can those 2 above stop lying, this is the 2nd update and nice game? Really? That has to be a joke! Another male Dev making a FMC game without lesbian content and even worse all the male character look like addicts and bums. This is some of the worst crap out here and to top it off it is pretty much a gay Dev trying to milk all the closet gay’s who play this shit and just like so many of these games it will be dead before it is finished or a rushed ending before the Dev quits

  5. John says:

    03/07 malware or virus in mixdrop link :/

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, please download via some other host. It’s probably because of ads from that host. Every host have their own ads system and that’s why we offer many choices for download. 🙂

  6. Bad Boy says:

    This game is just awesome.

  7. Garip says:

    Please exciting games episode final 15

  8. Cas says:

    What a piece of shit is this,you can only watch the perverted kinks of this dev.Is this guy gay or has he a dick complex,got sick from watching this filth.

  9. slatanIlusen says:

    Bad Bot, Alian and Garip are the same retard.

  10. Cas says:

    Unbelievable that this perverted pos with ki** is still running, while games who are far less gross are banned.

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, send us a mail and explanation of forbidden content which you found and one of our moderators will check your report. Currently we got a couple of reports and some games are on our watch list for banning, while 10+ games are banned in last couple of months. Here is our mail: [email protected]
      We have our point of view of forbidden content in games and we will strictly follow our rules.
      But don’t worry, only games which cross dangerous line are banned. We have over 5500+ games on site which are in accordance with our rules.

      Thank you! 🙂

  11. Leo says:

    The new update is out 0.7 please update admin

  12. henry says:

    New update is out!

  13. Linus says:

    Nice game, waiting for you to release the new update 0.7

  14. Anonymous says:

    Next update

  15. trent says:

    please update game.

  16. Ht says:

    please update game.

  17. Orion says:

    uma loirinha caindo no pau dos negoes

  18. Lilkiki says:

    Is there animation, plzz tell me guys

  19. Kkkkki says:

    Update plz

  20. Pepe Vázquez says:

    In Spanish? where, after downloading it is only in English
    Thank you

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, previous versions were with English + Spanish. I will check next version and will remove Spanish if it doesn’t exist in the game.

  21. PokemonMaster says:

    Please update to 1.2v

  22. Rihan says:

    when will this v1.2 be released publicly

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