Jezebels Curse – New Version 0.25 [DVM]

Info: [MCNAME] or John (default) is a young man living in japan/ studying abroad until one day his beautiful [lilytomc] named Lily comes to visit him. Little does he know is not just a random visit…
Lily’s goal all along was to find and defeat an evil entity residing in the same area John stays; her powers? telekinesis from mana {sexual energy}.
Will Lily reach her goal? or will she fall?
NTR is avoidable.

Date: 05.07.2024
Language: English
Version: 0.25
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

300 renders
2 animations

Download links
Download for Windows Download from Qiwi Download from Mega Download from Workupload Download from Racaty Download from Aupfile Download from Uploadhaven
Download for MAC Download from Mega Download from Workupload Download from Racaty Download from Aupfile Download from Uploadhaven

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11 responses to “Jezebels Curse – New Version 0.25 [DVM]”

  1. Cas says:

    Those disgusting saggy tits are to much.

    • Morfin says:

      If you don’t like this game, don’t play it, everyone’s tastes are different, you may not be able to make a game, respect other people’s work, be wise.

      • Cas says:

        So in your world you can’t say bad things about a crappy game, because i don’t make games. You know that the comments section is not here to lick developers balls, but to give opinions.

      • rufruf says:

        I hate to agree with Cas, uneducated gnome , but he is right here.
        Posting criticism about game or anything in fact is everyone’s right.

        Respecting someone’s work as u said is complete nonsense.
        This aint work, this aint anything other than stupid porn made purely for money milking. Rendered on a pc from an app that someone else made.

        And shit like this in fact is actually detrimental and sick.

        • rufruf says:

          Posting on a site like this is actually beneficial to everyone. It belongs here, publicly visible and accessible to everyone!

          Not buried and or deleted on a patreon and locked behind paywall!
          And you just find out what a scumming bastard someone is after u waste good money.

        • Cas says:

          For ones you tried to be a normal person, but fuck don’t call me a uneducated gnome because i speak in a normal language that everyone understands. I don’t have the need to show off, or trying to let the other one look dumb. That’s the difference between you and me, and i don’t mean that you’re not smart, i know you are, sometimes to much for your own good. You forgot we are here to watch porn games and talk shit about the bad ones, it’s part of the fun.

  2. Barkov says:

    add more NTR options please, idk, but I really like this game.

  3. Barkov says:

    Five stars for this game.

  4. Releker says:

    Android link ?

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